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It's A Confusing Life

Updates & Milestones

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Updates & Milestones
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These are the milestones I have reached.  Some of these may seem small, to some, but each is a victory in it's own way. 


 August -- December Update
September -- Finished writing the proposal to change my DBT group around with my DBT group.
November -- Took over my landlady's store for about a week while she went away for a vacation.
December -- After a rough day & week I made a hard but correct decision. And had staff help me for once when I would have usually tried to go it alone with disasterous results.
June & July Update
A couple more relatively quiet months.   Around the end of July I found out that my DBT group is taking on a little project that will be ongoing and looks to be quite fun.  Also I'm holding all my medications now.  First time since everything started back in 2001.
May Update
Pretty much a quiet month.  I became Secretary of the Community Advisory Board.  Other than that I was just settling into the new apartment.
April Update
The landlady hired an uncertified electrician and he cut my electric the weekend before Easter.  Even though there were about 10 people (ranging from me, to family, staff, and city officials) trying to reach my landlady she didn't surface for about 3 days.  I took to staying with some friends through the whole thing.  THe landlady sent a couple electricians that didn't file a permit with the city and went in my apartment without permission and made a mess of it. I ended up moving out of there.  I handled everything quite well through the whole fiasco.  I didn't do anything and I kept in touch with everyone. 
March Update
March was a great month.  The beginning brought the news that the City of New London, CT issued a Proclamation regarding Self Injury Awareness Day.  Yes, the news came late, but still the news came.    The month was busy attending a few retirement functions for the Executive Director of the Local Mental Health Authority.  I gave a little thank you speech at one function (mentioned below).  A friend an I also taught the local crisis team some DBT skills.  A couple weeks later I got the news that they liked learning the skills so much that my friend and I will be teaching the rest of the skills.  I also agreed to give a presentation on Self Injury awareness during April.  The end of March brought me 278 days free from Self Injury. 
3/9/2006 --  Gave a speech of Thanks to the outgoing Executive Director of SMHA at another agency's function.
3/24/2006 --  Attendedthe Executive Director of SMHA's retirement dinner.
February Update
February was a busy month.  I spent a lot of time preparing for Self-Injury Awareness Day.  Since the state denied the proclamation request, a request was given to the City of Norwich, CT.  The city pulled through at the last moment granting the proclamation on 2/27/06.   THe end of the month brought me 247 days free from self-injury. 
2/27/2006 -- City of Norwich, CT approved the Self-Injury Awareness Day proclamation request 


1/2005  --  Supported Employment Steering Committee formed and I was one of the original members.
3/2005 --  2 years since inpatient on a psych unit.
-  2 years since talked to egg donor and that side.
6/2005 --  Left residential program for case management program.
7/2005 --  2 years since I moved into my own apartment.
-  Was voted onto Community Advisory Board
8/23/05 --  3 years since the almost fatal overdose.
-  Made chair of advisory board's Advocacy Committee.
10/5/2005 --  100 days since the last Self-Injury incident.
11/18/05  --  Started first job since 2001
12/14/05 -- Ended job.
12/26/2005 --  6 months since the last Self-Injury incident.


3/2004  --  1 year since I was last inpatient.
7/2004  --  1 year since I moved into my own apartment.
8/23/2004 --  2 years since the nearly fatal overdose.

To Be Coming!